About Me

    FOTO-director_TANJA CUMMINGSTanja Cummings is a freelance storyboard artist, based in Berlin, Germany. She completed her studies at the Free University (Freie Universität) in Berlin with a Master Degree in Philosophy and English Studies in 1998. Tanja started to work on her first freelance scribble project around 1997, from then on up until today slowly building up a client base for storyboards and other related illustrations for short film, feature film, image film, as well as commercial film productions. Other  fields of occupation that may interest you: As founding member and project manager of the EVA Association (European Association for East-West Rapprochement) based in Berlin, in the field of cultural exchange, especially between Germany and Poland, and historical documentation. As producer for documentary films and as editor and author for image films. As researcher, producer, director (of documentary films and historical documentation projects, e. g. 'Lodzermenschen' and 'LINE 41' (feature length documentary film: www.linie41-film.net)